This Is What It's Really Like To Do Makeup... On Dead People

We use something called feature filler, which basically does the same thing as Restylane; it's a chemical you inject into facial features and it plumps them up. It's super amazing and I'd get so excited to use it because if someone's features had sunken in, you could inject a very small amount and it would put life back into their lips or cheeks. You can also use it to take out wrinkles and that's where it becomes tricky. Some embalmers get really excited about making someone look 50 again, but if she was 80 and didn’t fix the wrinkles when she was alive, you should probably just leave them when she's dead. It's an ethical gray area. Even cutting fingernails; I understand that it’s a tradition in Armenian culture to always keep the pinky nail really long and if you cut that, you could horribly offend them.
Original author: Alix Tunell
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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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